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Mar 16th, 2012 by Richard Lowry
An open letter to Hamid Karzai

          An Open Letter to Hamid Karzai


I am an ordinary American citizen and I am at the end of my rope too. I have been a longtime supporter of the war on terror and I am appalled at your lack of support for the men and women that have sacrificed so much to put your sorry ass in power.

Few, here in America, realize that your family has benefited financially from America’s support of your government. How many millions of American dollars have you personally placed in your pocket in the last ten years? And, how many tons of heroin have you personally smuggled out of your country and into the US?

Now that Osama bin Laden is dead, I am all for pulling all our Soldiers and Marines back into our bases. If I were in charge, I would take it one step farther. I would start bringing all of our troops home – today. I would also stop all American payments to your corrupt cronies. There should not be another drop of American blood spilled nor another penny spent on a country as corrupt, immoral and ungrateful as yours.

Have fun in your talks with the Taliban and ISI after we leave.

Peace out.

Richard S. Lowry

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